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Safety Education 

WSCC's Partners Offer Courses in Safety and Compensation


Workers in supervisory positions play an important role in keeping workplaces safe. At the forefront of workplace safety, companies rely on supervisors to understand and enforce workplace safety procedures. The direction they provide workers must be accurate and consistent, so everyone understands their role in maintaining a safe workplace.


The three-day Occupational Health and Safety course familiarizes participants with safety legislation, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut Safety Acts and General Safety Regulations, and industry best practices. Its Northern content defines the tools, techniques, and leadership methods to ensure safe Northern workplaces.


The WSCC invites you to register supervisors of all levels to attend this course. There is no registration fee.


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For other occupational health and safety training requests contact:

Northern Safety Association (NSA)
Click here to view upcoming courses, email or call (867) 920-0763

Northern Territories Federation of Labour (NTFL) 
Click here to view upcoming courses, email or call (867) 873-3695