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As part of our commitment to promote workplace safety, we partner with other organizations. These partnerships allow us the opportunity to expand the reach of our safety message and support our most important partners in injury prevention: you, our stakeholders.


The Northern Safety Association (NSA) is a newly-formed Yellowknife-based organization funded by the WSCC.

Their goal is simple: safer northern workplaces. To achieve this goal, their team of experienced safety trainers provide quality safety training programs to northern workers and employers.


NSA seeks to work together to unite the people of the North with a common goal of zero tolerance for workplace injuries and illnesses.


For more information on NSA, visit their website.  Click here for their course schedule.



The Northern Territories Federation of Labour (NTFL) offers three free courses on back-to-work training:

  • One: Understanding Workers Compensation
  • Two: Introducing Return to Work Programs
  • Three: Developing Return to Work Programs

For more information on these courses or the NTFL, visit their website