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Reporting an Injury 

As a health care provider, you must report all work-related injuries to the WSCC. If you attend to an injured worker, you must complete and submit a First Medical Report within three days after this initial visit.

Section 17.3 of the Workers' Compensation Act says:

"A Health Care Provider who attends to an injured worker who has suffered a personal injury as a result of an accident arising out of and during the course of the workers' employment shall send the Board a report within three days after the day of his or her first attendance on the worker. “

Medical Reports

When treating an injured worker, you need to submit all relevant medical information. This makes sure that we care for workers in accordance with the Workers’ Compensation Act.

The treating health care provider plays a critical role in the caring for injured workers by identifying medical problem(s), and presenting an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan for the worker’s recovery. Communication between the health care provider(s), WSCC staff, the employer, and the worker is critical. It ensures quick and efficient processing of claims and supports a successful return to work outcomes.

The WSCC forwards copies of medical documents, such as medical investigative reports and treatment and medical consultation reports, to the attending physician(s). Health care providers mainly convey information to the WSCC through Medical report forms. You can find all of our medical forms on our website here.