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Registering A Business 

If you are a new business in the Northwest Territories or Nunavut, you must register your business with the WSCC. Complete and submit a New Employer Account Registration Form.

NEW -  Any qualified business, including start-ups and bidding operations, can now register and receive an account number prior to starting work or reporting payroll by filling out a New Employer Registration Form. This change became necessary as industry bidding practices evolved to include WSCC registration as a condition of awarding contracts. The change reflects the need to foster business growth and eliminate barriers for start-ups and bidding operations.

While the new account numbers do not automatically grant coverage under the Workers’ Compensation Act, it is easier for organizations to start work. Once work commences, these employers simply need to contact the WSCC to report their payroll, at which time their coverage takes effect.


An administrative fee to cover the cost of this new service comes into effect October 2013. The WSCC extends a grace period to businesses registering early.


If you have questions about account registration, check our FAQ, or contact us.