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Welcome to our Employers' Information Page. This page contains basic information for employers, such as registering with the WSCC, reporting injuries and incidents, and reporting your payroll each year.

We have a comprehensive listing of any forms and publications you may need, as well as a number of FAQs with information for employers. If you can't find what you're looking for online, please phone us at one of our toll-free numbers:

In the NWT: 1-800-661-0792
Nunavut:  1-877-404-4407


There have been new changes to the Safe Advantage program recently as of June 2014

Safe Advantage Policy 09.02 was amended with respect to Forfeiting Refunds and Receiving Additional Penalties.  This section was revised as listed below:

-        an employer qualifies for a refund forfeits the refund if they fail or do not submit the Questionnaire;

-        an employer qualifies for a refund forfeits the refund if they are in non-compliance with a safety inspection at the time of the release year. Non-compliance exists when an inspection has occurred  and the employer disregards corrective actions within the time frame stipulated by the WSCC;

-        an employer qualifies for a refund forfeits the refund if they have been fined the  maximum penalty payable under section 19  of the Workers’ Compensation General Regulations within a 12-month period prior to the release year; and

-        an employer receiving a penalty has their penalty increased by 50 percent if they fail the Questionnaire.


COR Employers (those employers that hold a current Certificate of Recognition (COR) from the Northwest Territories or Nunavut) are now able to provide their certificate in lieu of submitting the Management Practices Questionnaire Section One: Prevention. We are currently exploring other external audit systems. More information will be posted this August.

As an employer, you may be eligible for our Safe Advantage program.  We have included some FAQs on the program, as well as our Safe Advantage Management Practices Questionnaire.  If you would like additional information, please contact us directly.

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