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Welcome to our Employers' Information Page. This page contains basic information for employers, such as registering with the WSCC, reporting injuries and incidents, and reporting your payroll each year.

We have a comprehensive listing of any forms and publications you may need, as well as a number of FAQs with information for employers. If you can't find what you're looking for online, please phone us at one of our toll-free numbers:

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Safe Advantage

As an employer, you may be eligible for our Safe Advantage program. We have included some FAQs on the program.

The Safe Advantage Management Practices Questionnaire is available. Please note it is due to be submitted before Tuesday, March 31, 2015.

Part One: Prevention - English | Français     

Part Two: Return to Work/Claims Management - English | Français     

Safe Advantage Policy 09.02

Safe Advantage is a mandatory annual program with specific criteria. Currently, it includes all employers with a three year average assessment over $40,000. This small number of employers is responsible for 60% of all WSCC new claim costs.

Safe Advantage is an employer safety incentive program. Its basic principles promote worksite safety and returning injured workers back to work as soon as they are medically fit, and as safely as possible.

Safe Advantage is a sound business investment, with potentially high returns. This financial incentive program rewards Safe Advantage employers with proven health, safety and return to work/claims management practices, and low claims experience costs. Those employers who fall short of Safe Advantage standards are required to pay penalties.

The WSCC developed this program at the request of employers who sent a message loud and clear that a few bad apples shouldn’t spoil the entire basket. Employers must be accountable for driving up assessment rates if they have poor health, safety and return to work/claims management practices and unreasonably high claims experience costs.

To ensure financial and administrative responsibility, Safe Advantage is targeted to a relatively small number of employers. The WSCC developed a custom program that creates positive change, not a program where increased administrative costs leave us static.

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Summary of Safe Advantage Results



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