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Employer Forms 

In order to better serve our stakeholders, we have begun the process of converting our forms to PDF editable. PDF editable allows you to complete the form online, and then print, sign, and submit the form to us. You still have the option to print the form and complete it by hand. Please read each form carefully to ensure you complete the form in its entirety. Please contact us at 1-800-661-0792 if you need assistance, or for more information.

We will add PDF editable forms to the website as they become available.

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    Your Safety Responsibilities

    • Provide a safe workplace;
    • Provide equipment and machinery of a safe design and in safe condition;
    • Appoint competent supervisors who set performance standards and ensure safe work procedures are followed;
    • Inform workers of their rights, responsibilities, and duties;
    • Provide adequate job training;
    • Train workers on any potential hazards, how to safely use, handle, store, and dispose of hazardous substances, and how to handle emergencies;
    • Supply personal protective equipment and make sure workers know how to use equipment safely and properly;
    • Support and participate in an Occupational Health and Safety Committee;
    • Meet first aid standards; and
    • Report workplace incidents and injuries to the WSCC (as required  by legislations)

           Your Workers' Safety Responsibilities

    • Do their job safely and follow health and safety rules;
    • Ask for training if they need it;
    • Use personal protective equipment when required;
    • Report injuries to you and to the WSCC; and
    • Report first aid treatment.

           Injured Worker - What to Do

    • Provide first aid;
    • Provide transportation to the closest doctor, hospital, or medical centre;
    • Complete and submit a WSCC Claim: Employer's Report of Injury form;
    • Give your worker a copy of the completed WSCC Claim: Employer's Report of Injury form;
    • Keep an accurate account of the incident (what happened, where it happened, why it happened, who it happened to, any witnesses, etc.);
    • Submit an incident investigation report and give a copy of the report to WSCC's Chief Safety Officer (per section 35 of the General Safety Regulations); and
    • Implement and monitor the appropriate corrective measures to control the hazard.